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As a fledgling author, any and all publishing opportunities are highly valued and sought after. As such, I thought I would put together a collection of information on, and links to, the different publications and contests that I have entered to spread the word to my fellow writers, especially because it’s likely that this is being read mainly by those of you in my social/writing circle (and it’s an easy way for me to generate an interesting blog post while I’m too busy writing papers to produce an opinion or creative piece). Many of the items that I am posting are Canadian, and some are limited to Western University, so I’ve posted them in descending order of generality so that you might find publications that best suit you.

The Rockett Review (with my poem in their forthcoming publication) – My previous post is about the Rockett, so I’ll keep this short. Their tagline is “Your quarterly source for new poetry and fiction”, so check it out if that’s you.

The Montreal International Poetry Prize – This is the big one. With a $20,000 prize purse and Canada’s poet laureate competing, (among many other well-established writers), this prize is not for the faint of heart, which I am, so I haven’t and likely won’t submit to this competition. That shouldn’t stop you, though. They publish a shortlist anthology in print as well as an e-book longlist featuring 50 and 100 poems respectively, which is an outstanding opportunity to get your work out there in a BIG way.

Indiana Review Poetry Prize – The Indiana Review is published at Indiana University. The link provided deals with their poetry prize, but they also have yearly fiction prizes (though those have yet to be released for 2013). For more information follow the link.

The Short Grain Contest – The Grain is a Canadian Magazine published in Saskatchewan. They’re currently accepting submissions for their Short Grain Contest, which features both a poetry (of 100 lines or less) category and also a short fiction category (max. 2500 words).

Contemporary Verse 2, Two-Day Poetry Contest – This Canadian Publication contest is possibly the opportunity I’m most excited about as it provides me the chance to flex my creative muscle spontaneously against other writers. The goal: produce a poem in 48 hours containing 10 specific words. You can check out past winners on their website (and try to pick out the mandatory words)

The Rotary Dial – This Canadian formalist journal is published monthly in e-book format, featuring 6 Canadian poems and 6 international. If you’re not sure about formalism (which I admittedly wasn’t) check it out before you submit just to get a feel for what they’re looking for. They’ve posted a sample from their march issue under the “Coffee Table” tab.

The Nom de Plume (via UWO) – The Nom de Plume is run through Western’s Creative Writing Club. While their submission period for this issue recently closed, those Western Student’s reading this should follow their blog, twitter or facebook page to keep up with their publications (fingers crossed that they might read one of my poems in it) and to learn about the next submission period. The CWC is also interested in visual art and photography to feature on the covers of their publications.

The Semi-Colon (via UWO) – The Semi-Colon is an undergraduate essay journal and as I was, first and foremost, an academic, I also submit some academic work for publication. The link provided redirects to the Arts and Humanities Student Council’s WordPress page and features creative, academic, and visual art publications for 1st and Upper-Year students.

I found many of these opportunities at Places for Writers. You can bookmark their webpage or follow them on twitter to keep up with these publications as they become available. I hope that some of you decide to involve yourselves in one or more of these competitions.

If you have already, which ones? Are there any that you’re intrigued by? Let me know in the comments section.


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