I’ve Started a Tumblr

This exam season is a busy one as I prepare to graduate this spring, and so my WordPress has, it might seem, been relegated to the back burner. This isn’t entirely true, as I’ve been working on a wealth of lengthy posts. That being said, procrastinating on school-related essays to write essay length blog posts probably isn’t in my best interests. To that end, I’ve started a tumblr and have queued work there from my “back catalog”, if you will. Tumblr allows me to release work on a schedule so that I don’t have to pay constant attention to it during periods of extreme workload. Of course, WordPress allows me more space to think and write and so, I won’t be abandoning this effort by any means. Tumblr posts will be limited to shorter poems, quotes, and links to websites of interest. There may be some overlap between this site and my tumblr, but if you are a tumblr user and would like a glimpse of my portfolio and writing interests, do check it out.

You can also follow me on twitter, and check out what I’m reading on goodreads.


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