Contemporary Verse 2-Day Poetry Contest

Today marks the beginning of the Contemporary Verse 2-Day Poetry Contest. The concept is simple: Within 48 hours write a poem that includes each of the 10 words provided. With 3 cash prizes and 3 other selections for publication, this is a great opportunity for writers to garner some support from and engage in the modern writing world (and it’s a Canadian Magazine at that!). While registration for the contest closed a month ago, if you’re looking a for a bit of spontaneous combustion to stir your creative instincts, or you’re just interested in a challenge, I’ve provided the list of 10 words below.

The ten words are:

1. neon 2. relish 3. scrubby 4. bob 5. gambit 6. rank 7. sententious 8. record 9. trapeze 10. rococo

The Contemporary Verse Website also provides the list of words, as well as a countdown if you’re looking to finish within the actual contest deadline. I’d best finish this post and begin writing my submission.

If any of you happen to be competing I’d be interested to hear what you think of the contest, the format and even share pieces when all is said and done.

Cheers, and Happy Writing.


One thought on “Contemporary Verse 2-Day Poetry Contest

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