A Reading Journal

Joyce, James. Finnegans Wake. Toronto: Penguin, 2000. Print.

Joyce, James. Finnegans Wake. Toronto: Penguin, 2000. Print.

In preparation for my Master’s Program next fall, I’ll be spending much of the summer reading ahead and studying the texts to come, hopefully discovering an area for PhD specialization. At worst though, I’d like to be prepared for the work to come next year and perhaps get to pretend that I’m Eliot incarnate when in reality I’ll just be quoting Sparknotes during class discussions. Nonetheless, in order to stimulate my mind in absence of  adiscussion group–convincing a book club to read Finnegans Wake could be considered a formidable task to say the least–I’ve decided to turn my blog into a bit of a reading journal for the summer.

Of course, I’ll have other intermittent posts about my own writing as well, but a blog can only survive if it’s nurtured and groomed properly and so, because my right brain will be dedicated much to reading this summer, I thought I might use that material to kickstart my blogging efforts.

The first book I’m taking up, as mentioned earlier, is Finnegans Wake. I’m particularly enamoured with James Joyce, though I’d never say I truly understand more than 50% of the “learned gibberish” that he has penned. I look forward to investigating my own thoughts while reading, and hopefully I’ll be able to pose some useful discussion questions to you, and for my own benefit.

I hope that you’ll be willing to provide some thought/insight/fears/reservations about the texts I read, especially when I begin to read more widely read novels. That being said, I will do my best to raise issues that don’t necessarily require a full reading of the text (i.e. Cite passage/Close reading exam questions for those Englishers among us).

I look forward to engaging with you over the course of the summer. I hope that my time will provide some morsel of value as I indulge in my academic feast this summer.

Cheers, and happy reading,



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