You can now follow me on Instagram!

A Screenshot from my Blackberry z10. It may lead you to believe I'm a bit of a social butterfly, which I am....on the web

A Screenshot from my Blackberry z10. It may lead you to believe I’m a bit of a social butterfly, which I am….on the web

If you’re into this sort of thing, I’ve created an Instagram account. Ideally it’ll give you a new look at the poet’s life–one that will inspire you. At the very at least it might help you kill some time. I don’t lead an exciting life to most–as a farm hand and a writer my summers move by at an astonishingly slow pace (though “slow” and “astonishingly” aren’t very congruent words. Perhaps “underwhelming” is a better, all-encapsulating term), but to others (nature poets like myself included), the farm life is wholly grounding experience, providing instances of our sameness with nature and our smallness on the earth. Planting, nurturing and harvesting new life gives a brief flash of omnipotence, followed by many feelings of shame, embarrassment, and confusion about where we belong and that is what I primarily concern my writing with, so maybe my photos will intrigue you with a magnitude equivalent to their inspiration for me.

Anyway, I’m making a large post out of nothing, so there you go.

Also, I’ll be posting my first impressions with Finnegans Wake this evening, so be on the lookout for that (please, I need your help!), and later this week I’ll be posting one of my longer works with a detailed look at the progressive stages of completion for an inside look at my underwhelmingly slow writing/editing process.

If you’re in the mood for some short poems and haikus, you can also head over to my tumblr. I’m working on posting some of my back catalogue (if I have enough work to be considered a catalogue) this week, accompanied by photos on Instagram. (Isn’t social media great? And I’m not being rhetorical if you don’t want me to be). So, you can head over there for some lighthearted writings on the difficult questions life sometimes poses.

Finally, I have a very exciting announcement coming within the next week or two that will certainly interest the writers out there, especially those looking for opportunities to flaunt their talents in the writing world. Be on the lookout: with any luck this will be a pretty momentous occasion for myself and those involved (and hopefully for all of you too).




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