The Portage is Expanding

942526_10152865801310370_139350426_nA couple of weeks ago I mentioned an exciting announcement that I have since kept under wraps. I’m finally ready to reveal the news: The Yonge Street Portage is expanding. both in “staff” and in scope.

When I created this blog I wanted it to become a source of artistic information, not a place for introspection in the public eye. I strove for a literary journal vibe over a personal blog and I expected my title to be self-legitimizing in that sense. I felt that The Yonge Street Portage embodied those inherent qualities required by such an endeavour.

Furthermore, I’m a Canadian writer. In my experience, Canadians are often pushed to the margins within the literary sphere, unless of course they represent all that CanCon is “supposed” to represent–Group of 7, OCM, Hockey, Trees, and beavers according to the Vancouver Olympic Ceremonies in 2010. I wanted to display Canadian writing as something different than that–“Canadian” should be by virtue of the writer’s nationality. Their word choices and subjects will reflect their personal history and that should satisfy any particular quotas about being “Canadian” without reference to maple syrup and snowshoes. My writing professor once told me that good Canadian writing should be “Canadian without trying to float a canoe down Yonge Street”–I think you can see where the title came from.

As I said though, I felt the name implied more than a personal online diary, and most of my posts stem from that belief. As such, I branched out to a few very talented writers and artists to help me realize the true potential of The Portage. You may have noticed some changes taking place on our blog: taglines, widgets, layout have all been undergoing modifications in preparation for today.

The Yonge Street Portage is now a joint effort rather than a lonely sojourn, and we’re dedicated to bringing you “news and reviews with literary hues” as our new twitter page states. (You can follow us @YSPortage). I received great feedback during my short stint as a solo blogger. The response to my WordPress posts here, on Facebook, and on Twitter has been really encouraging and it is our hope that as a group we will be able to provide a wider breadth of content, with greater frequency, greater detail, and more social engagement that will continue to satisfy our readers.

We have a few big ideas that will continue to remain known only to the editors of this website for the time being. As of right now, consider us an online source for all that might interest you: interviews, critical reviews, poetry, prose, writing contests and challenges, video logs and much more, wrapped around a delicious artistic center.

Please take a look around the site to see what’s new. Take some time to catch up with our new editors and expect to be more formally introduced to each of my new colleagues in the very near future.





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