Neil Gaiman’s “Calendar of Tales” is now available

In support of the Blackberry z10 launch, Blackberry collaborated with a few talented artists to create projects imbued with the “Keep Moving” motto that the Waterloo company has adopted. One of those artists was Coraline author, Neil Gaiman.

Gaiman’s project centered on Twitter: he posed questions to his followers–one for each month of the year–and wrote a short story based on whichever answer most vividly sparked his imagination. The stories were then used to solicit visual representations, again from Gaiman’s Twitter followers.

Neil Gaiman asked fans around the world to help him tell a new kind of story. A few weeks, thousands of Tweets, twelve stories and a galaxy of art later, A Calendar of Tales was born.

The result is a breathtaking artistic collection of paintings, drawings, and computerized artwork mingled with Gaiman’s neat and charming prose. The goal, according to The Sandman author, was to bring artists, writers, and their respective audiences together: “Neil says good fiction unites us, and this project is no exception”(source).

Gaiman’s tales and accompanying artwork are available to download for free, here. They’ve been made available in ebook/PDF format and look exceptional on a desktop or a smartphone. Moreover, the Keep Moving website features behind the scenes video, interviews with the creator, as well as audio versions of all 12 tales, read by Neil himself.

A Calendar of Tales is certainly worth your attention, not only for sheer entertainment value, but because it’s an interesting case study in the future of the written word and the way that the Internet and social media can enhance our connection to texts.

What do you think about A Calendar of Tales? Would you like to see more collaborative work between authors and their readers? Sound off in the comments below.



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