Free Poem Fridays: Three Ways to Save Yourself From a Fire and Ruin Your Love Life

1. In case of fire, break glass

Whether made of fine china or wire-reinforced plate

We are all breakable.

When exposed to extreme temperatures, glass stresses and weakens.

If not softened with prolonged heat treatment

Meant to mend and ease these stresses,

Meant to gently strengthen by melting and merging,

Glass will become brittle and will fall to pieces too easily.

Do not break your own glass.

You will only be left burnt and bleeding.

Even tempered glass will shatter if subjected to too much heat.

If left unattended

It will explode into a mist of shards too fine to find.

The pieces will never fit together again.

2. Stop drop and roll

Couples fight.

Each couple will have their individual limits, but fighting a certain amount is healthy.

Let a fight run it’s course.

It may burn through your clothes and your skin.

It may even char your bones and scar your heart,

But when it has run out of oxygen and fuel,

You will be left only with heat.

Allow that to be your spark.

Dropping an argument for a roll in the sack

Doesn’t solve anything.

You will still be left alight,

Set burning slowly from inside,

Gentle embers and coals ready to combust at any moment.

It is more difficult to treat a burn when the heat is trapped

And alone, unwrapping your own bandages, peeling off your own skin, may leave you improperly healed, scarred, and callous.

3. Develop a fire escape plan

Never intend to escape.

Do not plan on disaster.

You should never install faulty wiring in your dream house

Because somebody will always be left in ruin, smouldering and empty,

and the other will never have a home to return to.


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