Final Day for “A” Poems

If you’ve been following our ABC challenge or perhaps have given it a shot yourself (or are planning on it), tomorrow marks a new (work) week, and thus a new letter to work with. However, for those of you still considering submitting an “A” centric poem, here is, perhaps, the impetus you need to finish it up. Quite different from Ben’s poem, I decided to produce a poem with my own spin on the guidelines. I hope you like it, and maybe the words contained therein will spark some creativity.

At the Aardvark Carnival

Abdominally vacant,

anteaters attain bananas:

anaphylactic agitation

            asphyxiates unaware

            carnival attendants.

Alabaster carafes—

Banana-contaminated carriages—

            gravitate unabashedly


Abdominal augmentations

alleviate aggravation

            (placate inflammations)

attacking aardvark

carnival managers;





One thought on “Final Day for “A” Poems

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