I Am Canadian, A Reply to Bell’s Open Letter

The state of the Canadian Wireless Communications industry is far from ideal for customers. With the possibility of American giant Verizon entering our market, reactions from the incumbents Rogers, Bell and Telus have been rapid, volatile and as Ben Klass points out in his letter to Bell CEO George Cope, a lot of hypocritical smoke and mirrors. I’ve re-blogged this post because the issue needs more exposure and Klass’ reply features some strong and relatively detailed research that the average Canadian is likely completely unaware of.

Angelus Novus

Dear Mr. Cope,

Amongst your many traits as CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), tenacity, enthusiasm for your trade, and perseverance top the list. Conspicuous in its absence from your letter, however, is your sense of irony.

You begin the “unusual step of writing to all Canadians” (Strange, isn’t it, that “Canada’s Top Communication Company” should find it unusual to communicate with its customers?) with a history lesson, ostensibly in the interest of helping us “understand a critical situation” now facing the wireless industry: the potential entrance of an American company into the Canadian market.

You inform us that, since Parliament granted Bell its charter in 1880, Bell has spent 133 years “investing in delivering world-class communications services to Canadians.” An impressive track record!

You must, however, be aware that Bell’s permission to operate in Canada was initially obtained by agents acting in the interest of the (American) National Bell…

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