Free Poem Friday: Euthanasia

Hi there,

This is Amy posting for the first time on the YSP with a cheerful, lighthearted poem on this stormy Friday. I’m excited to share it with you; here’s to hoping it doesn’t set the tone for a melancholy evening.


The elevator as cage, gate-scissors beckoning,

grating. Up the shaft in miner’s paces, ascending

into primacy with tunnels dank and my vision

still piecemeal. That night, we couldn’t

talk; the silence threatened to derail us.

So we left.

The cold air, and my frostbitten tongue

euphoric; the wind gutted my eyes as I held on

to you,

arm as baton, sinews tense. The moon a

scalloped cantaloupe, there were craters in the

tangerines I fed you, days old and no

more sweet.

Already an hour past decency and ever-faster the


voices guttural in the next

room, the men already drunk on sake, their

moony wives forgotten in bed.

Sapporo cradled in my fingers tasting

now like lukewarm piss and your cheek

bones so beautiful in the dim light that

for once

we could sift through our happiness

unbridled. Some say love

makes you believe in

endings what with children and how they worry

you so; on every road never travelled you’ve seen

bare limbs splayed against tarmac like

kindle to a fire.


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