Blurring the Lines of Feminism: A Criticism of the Criticism of “Blurred Lines”

I simply had to reblog this post. It ties into a discussion that took place on the first YSPodcast two weeks ago. This is an engaging and well-written article voicing the scarce female opinion that the full-scale assault of Robin Thicke isn’t as informed and empowering as it may seem. In this article the actual opinion on Thicke’s video is largely irrelevant. Instead, what is important is critical thinking and questioning both the “good” and the “bad”. Because the parody videos of “Blurred Lines“, for example, seem to be advocating the liberation of women, we forget to challenge the way they propose going about said liberation. Blind indulgence in anything we find on the internet is dangerous, regardless of whether it is presented to us as “Misogyny” or “Female Empowerment”.



Dear capital-F Feminists, Please Stop the Slut-Shaming. Love, a lower-case-f feminist. 

The first time I heard the funky beats of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” emanating from my radio, I did what any normal, able-bodied human being would do…I boogied my ass off. But just days after the song’s meteoric rise to the top of the charts, scathing criticisms began to arise, citing sexual harassment, slut-shaming, and victim-blaming among many of the artists’ apparently blatant offenses. Because I could never QUITE make out the words behind Thicke’s panting falsetto, I decided to do my own research into the lyrics and see what was really causing the problem. What I found was shocking. I began reading the words fully expecting to arrive at the bottom not only incensed at their content, but also ashamed that I had ever bopped my head and shaken my buns to the beats.

What shocked…

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