A Quick Weekend Update …

Hey all,
I thought a quick post was in order, one because I’m putting a new mobile app through its paces on my z10, and two because a few pieces of news have arisen that perhaps don’t warrant posts all to themselves.

First, you may notice a new badge on the right-hand sidebar of the blog labeled “featured on A Clown on Fire”. I posted a poem yesterday regarding Quebec and it’s been added to a dedicated feature section on said blog. I encourage you to click the badge and investigate if my poem piqued your political interests.

Polaris Music Prize

Polaris Music Prize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, Godspeed You! Black Emperor has just been awarded the Polaris Prize for best Canadian Album of 2013. You can head over to Stereogum to check out the story in full. Considering Alex’s recent article and his reference to the aforementioned award winner I thought I’d share this with you all, perhaps to help inform your thoughts on Alex’s CanCon criticism.

Don Jon 27

Don Jon 27 (Photo credit: GabboT)

We’ve also got a review of Don Jon coming soon. JGL‘s first foray into directing is a thought provoking and mostly successful plunge and I think he offers a refreshing voice to the sexual politics discussion that has been popular of late.

Finally, for the Western Students in our readership, the Arts and Humanities Student Council has announced a new publication, “Symposium”. Technically a revival of a publication from the 90’s, they’re looking for submissions. Check out their Facebook page for more details.