YSP Desktop Backgrounds

newposter copy

Happy Humpday from us here at the Portage!

To celebrate, we’ve designed two desktop backgrounds so that you can spread your love for the YSP. They’re totally free to use and are available from the “Gallery” tab as jpeg images, or via the Box.com downloads widget as PDF files.

One version lists all of our social media identities, so that you can quickly and easily point your friends to the most engaging Canadian site on the World Wide Web.

The second background is more minimalistic for those of you that want to engage queries from your friends like, “what is that ever-so-charming image on your desktop?”, or rhetorical statements about your awesomeness: “wow, what an exclusive image–you must be the coolest, smartest person around here, eh?”

Please enjoy them, free of charge, as thanks for your support–reading, watching, and listening to us–over our first 6 months. We’re excited about the opportunities for growth that you’ve provided and as we continue to expand expect more surprises.




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