YSP On-Site: London Poetry Slam w/Oyin Olalekan

Hello Loves,

We at the YSP have been pretty busy lately with school and our other endeavours. We hope you all haven’t missed us as much as we’ve missed you. Despite our absence, we’ll make it up to you with an amazing interview with Oyin Olalekan.

This past month (October), YSP wasn’t able to make it to the London Poetry Slam due to a schedule conflict (We saw Frightened Rabbit at the London Music Hall, why didn’t you stop by?). Luckily, every Saturday after the Friday night slam, LPS hosts a writing workshop lead by the feature poet from the night before (See you there this month). I was able to sit down with the wonderful Oyin after a fantastic workshop with Janice Lee.

Oyin is a good friend of mine and one of my favourite poets. Enjoy the interview and dig into some of her truthful, remarkable work here. You can follow her blog here.

Check out Janice Lee here.

You can find me on Twitter at @BenNMcCabe

and the LPS at @LDNPoetrySlam

Love,  Ben


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