YSP New Music Exclusive: BENJ’s ‘P.B.J (prod. Triv)’ From The Rooftop EP

*Disclaimer* — Explicit Lyrical Content

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, the “skinny, Jewish, and talkative” BENJ is an independent rapper and DJ currently spinning in Montreal, Quebec. The Yonge Street Portage was recently sent his new single, “P.B.J (prod. Triv),” from the forthcoming Rooftop EP.

“P.B.J.” carries a brash, youthful sensibility, calling to mind a recent Pitchfork favourite King Krule. Though “P.B.J” lacks slightly in polish (BENJ’s independent after all), it makes up for it with tight flows and syllabic somersaults. The lyrical dexterity and speed with which BENJ raps leave many mainstream rappers’ lesser flows feeling underwhelming. The rapid pace and quick, jabbing one-liners give the song a significant comedic punch, worth at least a few wry smiles (check out “Earn it” below for some impressive fast rapping).

BENJ’s verbal kryptonite lies in his tendency toward shallow metaphors–the song’s titular metaphor is the most obvious example of this. The witty one-liners give his track significant zip, but “P.B.J” would certainly benefit from some extended metaphors sustained over a multiple rhymes and lines. However, in a game flooded with different rhetorical accents, mindsets, and perspectives jostling to “revive hip-hop,” BENJ’s tone remains refreshing. With a few more years experience, and more cohesive songwriting, it’s entirely possible he could be mentioned with the likes of wacky pop culture dynamo Childish Gambino. For now, he’d better work a bit more on his sandwiches before he cooks up the next meal.

Watch the comic video for “P.B.J” above (appropriately ‘post-Halloween’) and be sure to check out more from the BENJ on Soundcloud.

You can also follow him on Facebook.

“Rooftops” will be available November 17th.

If you’d like to have your work featured on the YSP send an email to yongestreetportage@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “YSP New Music Exclusive: BENJ’s ‘P.B.J (prod. Triv)’ From The Rooftop EP

  1. the song is great, voice is a bit high pitched but it works. i agree with your article for the most part, but im a fan of the cheesy one-liners

    • I think each of the one-liners definitely have a bit of zing to them. Individually they’re funny, but also, like you said, they’re “cheesy,” which can endanger the longevity of songs, and even careers. The really mind-blowing rap has the ability to extend a concept over an entire song, or a large collection of lines in a verse, to deliver punchline on top of punchline and create a really powerful verse.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and voice your opinion. I’m glad you liked the song and Alex’s article.


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