Weekend Update – November 17th

IMG_20131008Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since our last post/podcast/review and as I was ruminating over some Little Panda (ordered via Justeat.ca), my fortune cookie told me it was time to reveal some things to those of you perhaps feeling forsaken at this point.

First, I was at Shad’s homecoming (in the sense that he’s returned home for the first time since recording his newest album, Flying Colours) concert last night and it was absolutely fantastic–lights out, literally! A full review is coming in the very near future.

Second, Ben performed at last Friday’s London Poetry Slam (and performed quite well). In between rounds he caught up with Bryton Mckinnon for an interview, and even managed to record a few poems for you guys, so be sure to check that out.


ShadK wowing the London Hills

Next, for those of you in London (more specifically those at Western U), The Public Humanities at Western are putting on another #PoetryLab this Tuesday, November 19th at 7:30. In essence, it’s an electronic, group poetry exercise that incorporates social media and live performance. For more details, head over to the Public Humanities Facebook page. Of course, we’ll be tweeting out from the YSPortage account so you can follow the #PoetryLab hashtag November 19th and interact with us. We’ll bring a full write-up to you after the show.

On that note, the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word took place just over a week ago and Toronto took first place. You can head over to the CFSW website for some summaries, video, and news on upcoming Slam info.

To all of our wonderful Podcast listeners: fear not! Another podcast is, I realize, a long time coming, but we assure you it is, in fact, coming. Alex, Ben, and I will be back around the microphone very soon to talk Rob Ford, Phonebloks, Russell Brand, #PoetryLab, Jian Ghomesi at WesternU (head over to the AHSC Facebook for more details), and much, much more. Stay tuned for that.

Finally, my fortune cookie tells me that it’s time to reveal something creative and exciting, so I’m here to announce that Alex and I have something very creative and exciting to announce. We’re not quite ready to disclose the details, but more information will be coming your way in a fast and furious fashion.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about some of the forthcoming events in London and all of the great content we’ve got lined up for Movember on the YSP. In closing, here’s a new one from Arcade Fire to get you through those pre-Monday Blues.



P.S. I’ve got some moustache grooming essentials coming via post, so head over to the YSPortage Instagram account for updates on my Movember man foliage…wait…


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