Springtime [Poetic] Revival

I sit and look beyond my window pane with a sense of systematized disbelief–that feeling that arises at the conclusion of a series of severe disappointments: when one spends months entrenched beneath four-foot snow drifts that melt just enough to re-freeze nightly (and cause brain damage for some);  when forsaken mallards, home early or home too late, paddle hypothermic and forever backwards; and when early morning bird songs are swallowed by daylight-saved for happier times–and then it ends, abruptly. Spring in London, Ontario is really only a transient liminality between summer and winter. The snow never melts–and then it’s gone.


But, back to business–yes, spring is here! “Now is the winter of our discontent / Made Glorious summer by this sun of York,” and that means rebirth, reinvigoration, life and blooming shoots and all of that jazz. It also means that after a long, unannounced winter hiatus, we here at the YSP are happy to be back, with a new collective impetus and drive.

So, let’s begin with poetry, in acknowledgment of YSP’s beginnings:

There are two amazing opportunities for poetic rebirth this spring in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), and Contemporary Verse’s 2-Day Poem Contest. NaPoWriMo is , importantly, free and straightforward. Write a poem, every day, for the entirety of April. The only catch: daily prompts to direct your workflow. NaPoWriMo also strives to add a communal aspect to the project in that you can link your own blog to the site, and discover other writers who are engaging with the project as well.

Our own Ben McCabe will be posting his poems here, and likely linking them back to YSP. Personally, the threat to my ego’s integrity will likely prevent me from posting the entirety of my NaPoWriMo collection, but expect bursts of writing here and on our collective Twitter accounts throughout April.

Now, hipsters, if you’ve been following YSP since its inauguration, you’re probably familiar with Contemporary Verse Magazine and their 2-Day Poem Contest. Basically, it goes a little something like this:

-20 bucks

-10 Keywords

-2 Days

-1 Poem

Sound easy enough? Then head over to the contest page and sign up before April 4th to get in on the fun.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming days; we’ve got lots of exciting things on the way. (Seriously).




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