A Quick, Procrastinatory Announcement

We (I) are (am) in the throes of the April Paper Rush. Personally, I’m hunkered down in my English Master’s Bunker (a.k.a. underground cubicles), scrambling (as one does this time of year) to put the final touches on a seminar presentation. Still, I promised we had lots of exciting news to come–and I’ve already cited “workload” as an excuse for too many lulls in posts/articles/reviews etc.

So, here I am in my windowless office, at 12:30 am (photo for verification posted below), post-concussion syndrome, following a three-hour study break with Wintersleep (more on that in the very near future) typing out a post so jumbled and confused that I’m scared for the integrity of the work I’m to present tomorrow.

I hope that you’re all keeping up with NaPoWriMo and following Ben’s journey over on his individual blog. My poems are brittle and rusty, but I’ve been tweeting out the odd haiku for you, so there’s that!

To business: before our unexpected hiatus, we made some important changes to YSP. For staters, we bought a real web address! Now, you can tell your friends all about yongestreetportage.com like it’s a real website, and they’ll never be the wiser! Isn’t that great? Thought so.

I had planned to make the URL change to mark our one-year anniversary, but anniversaries are so mainstream. Instead, we’ll celebrate now, on nondescript early April Thursday-day!

In all seriousness, this website has been an absolute joy to maintain and produce for. I work with an outstanding group of writers, musicians, and creative talents–I couldn’t have asked for a more versatile and skilled cast to help make the Yonge Street Portage what it is. To our readership–from the pit of my coffee-addled soul, thank you. It’s humbling to see so many people take interest in our work here, writing in questions for our YSPodcasts, responding to our reviews, and genuinely supporting the grassroots project that this is.

Now, on the topic of our outstanding cast: there are some personnel changes in the works. We’re interested in expanding and solidifying our multi-faceted online identity, and so we’ve reached out to a social media maven to help grow YSP into the electronic stratosphere. Moreover, we want to bring you more diverse–and more frequent–content, so expect some fresh faces to be featured on YSP in the near future. On that note, readers, we’d love to feature your work–both creative and journalistic.

Second, our Creative Director, Demi, has expressed interest in a more limited role as she begins to focus on the latter stages of her education. As a result, we’re looking for someone with design experience to help with the organization of the site, branding, social campaigns and more. So, if you have design experience, and would like to add an arts and culture project to your resume, please contact us at yongestreetportage@gmail.com with a small work sample and we’ll open up a dialogue.

Again, as I noted earlier, our one-year anniversary passed in March of this year. It went by with a whimper, but we’d like to instate a delayed bang. We have some fun and exciting plans that I won’t divulge entirely, but we’re thinking of some fun contests and giveaways. Encourage your friends to follow us on Facebook or to follow us on WordPress (or do so yourselves): we’re currently sitting at 76 Facebook Likes and 82 WordPress Followers. So, because we missed our anniversary, we’ll mark an anniversary celebration with a surprise when either Facebook or WordPress hit 100 Subscribers. Along with free stuff, we’ve got some celebratory games/contests/activities/content cooking because it’s springtime, and we’re happy, so why not?

I hope that you’re as tantalized as I am caffeinated (no I don’t, that’d be cruel). I look forward to another year writing for you lovely people.



YSP = Reddit Verification 4/4/14

YSP = Reddit
Verification 4/4/14


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