NaPoWriMo House Keeping

So, I’ve been spurred by the initiative of my colleagues and have therefore decided to post a few of my own lunes from (way, WAY, back) Day 4 of National Poetry Writing Month. I hope they’ll serve as the seeds for longer poems (or strings of lunes), but for now, enjoy them in their infancy. I’ve been obsessing over portmanteau, neologisms, and hyphenated combinations lately, and these poems are a testament to my current mode of thinking and composition.




Like outfacing spine-bones, 

or ex-lover’s dusty tomestones, unturned 

pages still wave. 



The last leaf 

dances; blood red smeared droplets

threaten to fall-stop. 



Stiff blue lines, 

like ice clotted veins, collapse 

in epileptic freezer. 


iv) And finally, a poetic masterpiece in honour of the Maple Leafs:

I hate you,

I hate you, I hate 

you. F**k you. 

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