Portage Closeup: The Brothers Of Penitence, Part 1 — Introductions

dan drums

For this close-up, I’ve asked my longtime friend Dan Knight to detail the inception, progression, and eventual dissemination of a musical project that we’ve been ‘working on’ for nearly 6 years. You can check out Dan’s biography under the Featured Writers section, but I’m of the belief that the best way to get to know someone is through their work. Expect to see multiplicitous and varied artistic projects from Dan on YSP in the near future. For now, enjoy this introduction to “The Brothers of Penitence” EP.


The intention of this project, in part, is to alleviate an insatiable need Mike and I have felt in our creative loins since our friendship’s inception. Essentially, this project envelops not only the genesis of our friendship (re: “bromance”), but the resultant journey we’ve taken together since.

Much of the music you will hear on this record is really an ephemeral glimpse into the past, as these songs have evolved over time, along with our own talents and experiences (mostly through colossal fuck-ups). At times you will hear moments of debatable genius, and at other points desperate attempts to sound better than we are, but ‘c’est la vie,’ non?

Originally, we worked under the moniker “The Bon Hommes.” We aren’t entirely sure anymore why we chose the name, other than an appreciation for the French language—and to aide any slow-witted folk—for the most part, we believe to be ‘good men.’ The Bon Hommes (which necessitates a heavily Anglicized pronunciation) has recently given way to “The Brothers of Penitence,” mostly thanks to Justin Vernon’s rise to fame as “Bon Iver.”

Neither Mike nor I have ever fancied fame and fortune when it comes to our music, choosing rather to excise demons and creative energies—plus, we’re too conceited to swallow the necessary pride. That said, we’ve never wanted anything more than share our creative impulses (and maybe, hopefully, for others to find some value in them); Mike’s work thus far on YSP speaks to that impetus. With the recent completion of Sinthany Studios, we have finally made the collective decision to bring to fruition a project that has for so long existed only as the starry-eyed fantasy of two kids in a basement.


I’ll be posting here as the project comes together, detailing all of our frustrations, failures, and whatever minor successes we have in all manner of photos, audio samples, and maybe some profane writing.

Along with the collective talents of Justin Sinneave, Mark Beasley, and Alex Mason, we’re pleased to bring you The Brothers of Penitence.

“We have come to a point in our history where good men, it would seem, are no longer; not that they have died off, or have been forgotten, but have become better men.”




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