YSP New Music | Muta Mouraine Cold Mornings 

Cold Mornings

One of this generation’s purest voices, Muta Mouraine is an Edmonton/Virginia-based artist who wears his honesty on his shoulder. The Sudan-born, Canadian-raised MC arrived in Canada with his family with hope for a better life. Within months of his migration, Muta Mouraine found himself learning how to speak English through rap songs. 

Eight years after his immigration, 21 years-old hip-hop artist Muta Mouraine has built a name for himself through energetic performances and witty lyrics, winning over his peers and fans alike. Muta Mouraine has secured opening slots (j. Cole, Pusha T, Mac Miller, T-Pain & more), featured guest spots (Tam’s YEG To The World, Mahogany Public’s Jali Vol 2, Politic Live’s Ellipsis) and performance sets at various show cases & festivals (Hip-Hop For Hunger, Urban Star, Cariwest Fest, Substance ‘Rap Vs. Poetry).

Lyrcially, Muta Mouraine’s subject matter ranges from party anthems to the first-generation Canadian struggles, to clever braggadocio, emphasizing his identity as a nice guy who isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with anyone on the mic right now.  A student of rap’s new golden era, Muta Mouraine often fuses his infectious choruses with catchy melodies that hook and captivate audiences, drawing them into his poignant lyricism.

Muta Mouraine has recently released his first project as a solo artist, Cold Mornings. While he plans to eventually release a full-length LP, Muta is currently creating a name for himself through his mixes, guest slots, and high-energy shows.

Cold Mornings blends the high-energy pop (both style and affect) of current hip-hop stalwarts like Wiz Khalifa, while hitting hard with quick-spit wit reminiscent of fellow first-generation Canadian Shad.

A collection of bold and sometimes reckless samples, anthem hooks, and unapologetically, undeniably catchy melodies backs up Mouraine’s biting, clever, and rapidly-maturing lyrics.

These 13 new tracks and demos from Mouraine oscillate between patient and urgent, digestible and overwhelming, serious and sarcastic–introspective and extravagant, but always with a lyrical bite that prominently announces the arrival of a new student to the game who’s not content to work within the current confines of that game.

We’re looking forward to Muta Mouraine’s first LP, but until then Cold Mornings is available, free-to-stream and pay-what-you-can-afford, from his bandcamp page.


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