ABC Poetry Challenge: Rules

ABC Poetry Challenge Rules and Regulations

1. Each Piece must be based on a certain letter of the alphabet (Each week will feature a different letter, until the alphabet is complete).

2. Each word used in a piece must feature the desired letter at least twice (e.g. For “a” backhanded alphabet craftsman).

3. Each word in the piece doesn’t need to start with the desired letter, alliteration is not the point if this exercise (Though alliterative pieces are acceptable, so long as they adhere to the other guidelines).

4. Meaning must not be sacrificed for volume.

We understand that there are some letters that will allow more flexibility while following these rules and some that will substantially limit the word choice. As a result, some pieces will be significantly shorter than others. It is important not to continue a piece for the sake of adding more words (Rule 4). Certain letters will make this exercise impossible (Q). Don’t worry, we’ve taken note of this and will offer a revised set of rules for special circumstances.

As I post a new piece each week, I welcome you to do the same. Following the rules outlined above, please submit your own pieces to . We’ll select the top five for each letter and post one (giving full credit to the author) per weekday during the week of each letter. Depending on submissions and time it takes to review the pieces, they may be posted during the following week i.e. Pieces from “a” will be posted in the same week that I post my “b” poem.


-Email your submission to

-In the subject header, please write ABC Poetry Challenge and indicate the letter your poem is focusing on: “ABC Poetry Challenge – “A””

-Depending on length, put the poem in the body of the email, or attach a word document

-include your name, and an online identity you might want appended to your poem if we choose to feature it on the website

The competition will begin June 3rd, with the letter “a”.

Cheers, and Good Luck.


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