Wondering How Long It’ll Take to Finish Your Next Book? Check Out this Handy Chart

Are you a reader who, like me, hordes hoards of books without any time to actually read them all? If you plan on picking up some classic literature from that forsaken pile of treasured and untested texts, you can use this nifty chart (below) from PersonalCreations to pick the right text for your busy life.

The chart takes into account page count at average reading speed (300 words per minute). Of course intangibles like difficulty are not taken into account, but regardless, you may want to save War and Peace for the winter holidays–or never, I’m not a cop.

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Live Like Your Favourite Creative Mind with this Interactive Chart

If you’re creatively driven, it’s likely that you often find yourself balancing multiple kinds of work–academic, professional, creative–within all of the other general administrative tasks that people tell you are important (like eating, grooming, taking care of your pet, actually seeing friends). If you’re like me, you hear fairy tales about Stephen King and his 10,000 words-per-day habit, or Mark Danielewski, who apparently hustles through a 10 hour workday: two for running, four for writing, four for editing that same work, presumably with sporadic breaks for daily minutiae. Of course, those two writers are paid for their work and are no longer students, so their balancing acts are slightly less aneurism-inducing than mine and many of yours.

Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing t...

Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing the Missa Solemnis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lucky for you (and me), you can check out this interactive depiction of the lifestyles of a handful of creative persons. Simply choose your favourite artist, emulate their lifestyle, and you’ll be swimming in Nobel Prizes by year’s end. Well, maybe not, but there is some good news for aspiring creative-types: the secret to success seems to be lots of sleep, lots of leisure time, and no day job. So, drop whatever you’re doing and start crafting, then take a cat-nap and go see a movie; it’s what Beethoven would have wanted.

And for the record, Victor Hugo has become my new spiritual ancestor: daily ice baths on the roof sound like just what everyone needs, but not what they deserve.

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10 Signs that You’re in Grad School

We’ve taken YSP to the realm of the mini-blog; the micro-list; the food for your short attention span. Yes, we’re talking about Buzzfeed, the place where so many potential essay-and-study hours go to die. And for our first article, Alex wrote about just that with 10 Signs that You’re in Grad School.

So, if you’re panicky, stressed, tired, or weeping because you’re out of coffee, and you’re looking for some self-validation from quips and gifs in a convenient list, head over to our Buzzfeed page and indulge. (Besides, those essays can wait.)

And if this list sparks your creativity, don’t be afraid to drop some ideas in the comments below, or on our Buzzfeed page!

10 Signs You Might Be Reading A Canadian Author


Literature (Photo credit: bulliver)

So you’re skulking around the corridors of your favourite neighbourhood bookshop amidst the usual slew of uninteresting, plain covers by American writers–white twenty-somethings ‘trying to find themselves’–when you experience a potential life-changer: the discovery of a new favourite novel. The cover is oh-so-shiny, the author’s name is plastered in bold print across the cover, and there is a enough pleasing commentary from respected authors on the back to silence any hypercritical book club. Elated by the warmth of this magical tome, you nearly overlook that damning detail and an awful thought strikes you: My God…is this….can it be…CAN-LIT? Well, the Yonge Street Portage is here to aid you, readers-in-peril. Below are 10 signs that you might be reading a Canadian author. Use them well, follows the clues, and prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

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