Submission Guidelines

ysplogoIf you would like to be featured in a segment on our blog, please send an email inquiry to: We will respond to your email with 24 hours.

The guidelines for submissions as follows are standard for all of our contests and segments, unless otherwise noted:

For All Submissions:

Identify the feature, contest or segment you wish to be featured in within the subject bar, as well as the title of your piece followed by your name (ex. “ABC Poetry Contest – “A” Poem – John Smith”)

Please no defamatory language, racial slurs, or other extreme obscenities. We understand that within the art world, expression should not be limited; while strong language will be accepted as long as it strengthens the piece, hate speech or any language that violates the above listed offenses will not.

Include a short biography in the body of your email that includes your name, hometown and any other information you wish to provide–even a personal blog/tumblr/twitter account that features more of your work.

For Poetry:

1) 150 lines maximum. Line breaks and titles do not count.

2) 12-pt font, preferably Times New Roman

3)Do not put your name or any other identifying information anywhere on the document itself (this applies especially to contests)

For (creative) Prose:

1) 3 Pages maximum.

2) Same as above.

3) Same as above.

4) Please include page numbers in the top left corner of the paper. IF THE PIECE IS NOT BEING SUBMITTED FOR A CONTEST you may include your last name with the page number, following the rules of MLA formatting.

For all other inquiries (e.g. journalistic writing, opinion pieces/responses to our work, political articles):

1) Email us

2) Attach your piece, with the title and your name in the subject field

3) We will contact you with any corrections/edits/ideas about the piece*

*We reserve the right to abridge pieces if necessary based on space constraints

Please do not hesitate to email us with submissions, ideas, or responses to our own articles, regardless of whether we are currently running a contest, as well as any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you and to feature your writing on our website.


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